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AWAY ON LEAVE 25-Apr-2018

Business will be closed from Thursday the 26th April to the 14th of May 2018. Please mes..

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This (http://

Want to know more about me? 08-Jul-2016

Read this blog written by Anne Fawcett (

Seminar a success 18-Oct-2015

I am pleased to announce the AVBIG Roadshow has been a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came ..


Terry Ryan is a wonderful trainer, of people and chickens. See (

Do you want to know how your dog's beahviour compares to others? 05-Oct-2013

Learn more about your dog, visit: it is a behaviour assessment t..

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Do you think your dog is dominant (

Cat weeing around the house? Dog barking too much? 11-Mar-2013

Visit polite pets month ( access a range of very usefu..

What is the yellow ribbon campaign? 04-Mar-2013

Have you got a timid dog, a dog recovering from surgery, a dog that doesn't like being patted by str..