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I will be away from the 18th of March to the 5th of April. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Cat Management Act changed

Starting today, the 1st of March, the rules have changed regarding cat ownership. Please make sure you follow the rules and do what you can to help deplete the number of feral cats we have in Tassie causing havoc with our wildlife.Responsible Cat Ownership in Tasmania | Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (

Happy Holidays

I will be taking a break. See you back on the 10th of January 2022. I wish you all a safe and happy festive season!!

did you know you can make allowances for your pet in your will?

Clarence Council planning to reduce off-lead dog areas

Clarence is not looking like a brighter place for dog owners

Two rallies have been arranged by against the Clarence draft Dog Management Policy

1) Saturday 10 April 2021

10.00am Walk from Anzac Park to Simmons Park, Lindisfarne

2) 1.30pm Meet at Bellerive Beach, Lower River Rd access point

Both rallies will be on lead due to numbers even though the protests are about losing off-lead areas.

Please note- you have until April 12th to have your say on the Clarence City Council website: "schedule of declared areas 2021-2028" (PDF)

Nuisance Cats- do you know how to prevent your cat from becoming one and what to do if you are being harassed by one?

Cats make great companions, but they can also be a nuisance to your neighbours. Did you know that pet cats can visit up to 26 neighbouring properties in a week? Keep your community happy by keeping your cat indoors or on your property.

Useful information on how to contain your cat can be found on the At Home With Cats information page of the Kingborough Council.

If you are being harassed by unwelcome cats on your property, advice is also provided by TassieCats on what to do, humanely and lawfully.

Amendments to the Cat Management Act starting 1st March 2021

Amendments to the Cat Management Act 2009 are changing the way cats are cared for and managed in Tasmania.

​Some of the changes have commenced on 1 March 2021, with other changes commencing in March 2022 to give people time to adjust to the new requirements. Key amendments can are summarised on the DPIPWE site.

What is the yellow ribbon campaign?

Have you got a timid dog, a dog recovering from surgery, a dog that doesn't like being patted by strangers?

Do you have trouble asking well-intentioned people to stay away from your dog?

Then you need to know what the yellow ribbon campaign is all about. Even if you haven't got a dog that needs space, it is still good to know why someone else's dog might be wearing a yellow ribbon on the collar or lead. It means "please give me space!" See more on the yellow ribbon campaign.

This is a MUST READ for all dog owners!

Do you think your dog is dominant? Read this handout and learn the TRUTH

Do you want to know how your dog's behaviour compares to others?

If you would like to learn more about your dog's behaviour and how it compares to other dogs in the world, visit C-BARQ   It is a behaviour assessment tool and is free to all!


Terry Ryan is a wonderful trainer, of people and chickens. See what she helped us achieve in 2 days- Robin (the chicken) has learnt to peck a disc, and learnt to peck only the green disc!!

Seminar a success

I am pleased to announce the AVBIG Roadshow has been a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came and thank you to the speakers, Dr Gabrielle Carter and Dr Jacqui Ley for delivering an entertaining and educational set of lectures. Hoping for more in the future!

Want to know more about me?

Read this blog written by Anne Fawcett, veterinarian and journalist.

Do you know how to find a GOOD trainer?

Training is designed to teach your dog skills and behaviours to make him more pleasant to be around, to be polite company when out in public and it is great mental stimulation. Training should be fun, for both you and your dog.

Unfortunately dog training is an unregulated skill, so read here to make sure you have the best chance of finding a quality trainer for you and your dog.

Worrying news! Your vet is at risk!!

Did you know your vet is 4 times more likely to suicide than other members of the public? How extremely sad is that given they care so much for the well-being of all creatures (both human and non-human animals!)

If you would like to support a group focused on this, look here.http://https//

Dog bites can be preventable

I have made a video about dog body language and bite prevention. Please watch it!

It is still a work in progress so excuse the soundtrack...

Pet Professionals call for training industry overhaul

Why do pet professionals want the pet training industry regulated?

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT) and Pet Professionals Guild Australia (PPGA) have joined forces to promote the use of humane, positive reinforcement methods to Aussie dog owners and dog training industry.

“Reward-based training methods – using no force, no fear, no pain and no compulsion – are backed by scientific research*, are shown to work most effectively at improving behaviour outcomes and have no side effects on the dogs,” said Barbara Hodel, President of the PPGA.

The PPGA and APDT are calling for an overhaul of the dog training industry.

Read more here.

Animal Behaviour Tasmania

see what our customers say

"Lily came from NSW RSPCA a very nervous, noisy little dog. We tried to calm her down, reassure her, give treats, but nothing worked. She barked at everyone and everything. Katrina was our dog whisperer and she had all the answers and a special something. She helped us transform our Lily. We now have a very friendly, sweet little bundle of love that we can take anywhere. She’s happy, and so are we. Thank you Katrina."

Wendy, Kaoota

"Dear Katrina, Thank you so much for all your advice and support with my cat. She really was the “Cat from Hell” and now is quite tolerable. My one regret is that I didn’t contact you sooner. It isn’t overstating to say you’ve saved my sanity and her life."

Manina, East Launceston

" I found the class really great. I learnt a lot about why a puppy does something and how to deal with unwanted behaviour. Also, the reward system works great and I have found it to be an excellent way to train my puppy."


“My miniature poodle puppy was very frightened and anxious. I spoke with my vet who referred us to Dr. Katrina Ward. I was able to speak to Katrina and voice my concerns and she made a time to visit us in our home environment. From this first contact I felt so confident with Katrina and her ability to see Maisie's problems. Katrina gave me the skills, knowledge and a plan to help manage Maisie's insecurities as well as a folder with many hints and tips. I was able to keep in touch with Katrina by phone and email over the next few months until I felt Maisie had become more settled. I now have a very happy, relaxed and friendly little dog. My sincere thanks go to Katrina for her professionalism, care, compassion and understanding.”

Ruth Austin, New Town


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