I am retiring in 2024 and not seeing new cases. Please contact Dr Caroline Pet Behaviour Vet for further information. (I am still looking after my current clients’ needs).

Video Hire

Hiring the GOPRO Hero 2

The video camera is a GOPRO Hero 2. It is a small camera which takes a wide-angle view of 170° and it gives an extremely clear picture.

The camera can be free-standing, or attached to things such as poles, or stuck to objects using the adhesive discs provided.

The camera can provide you with the opportunity to film your pet in all weather conditions. Its robust nature means it can go on walks or rides with your pet, or it can “spy” on your pet when they are outside the house. Its assortment of attachment and mounting options means it can be set up in difficult places.

Have a look at this video of my dog’s creation with the camera attached to her collar:

With an 8GB SD card it can record for approximately 2 hours. The battery will last for approximately 2 hours when recording at the resolution it is set at which is 960p30. The battery will last longer if the video is set at a lower resolution, and obviously a 16SD card will store more video.

The camera should always be housed in its shock-proof case. There are 2 options- a “skeleton case” which will record sound more clearly but is not waterproof, or the waterproof housing which will record loud noises only.

If you would like to hire the video camera, the cost is $30 for 3 days. A $100 deposit will be required.

The camera will be supplied with an SD card, charged battery, manual and accessories.

Contact Katrina if you would like to arrange the hire and collection of the camera. She will need to explain its care and proper use.

To view the video, you need to connect either the camera to your computer, or insert the SD card into your computer. Footage cannot be displayed or viewed on the camera itself. The camera is compatible with Microsoft Vista, 7 or later, and Mac OS x 10.5 or later.

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"Lily came from NSW RSPCA a very nervous, noisy little dog. We tried to calm her down, reassure her, give treats, but nothing worked. She barked at everyone and everything. Katrina was our dog whisperer and she had all the answers and a special something. She helped us transform our Lily. We now have a very friendly, sweet little bundle of love that we can take anywhere. She’s happy, and so are we. Thank you Katrina."

Wendy, Kaoota

"Dear Katrina, Thank you so much for all your advice and support with my cat. She really was the “Cat from Hell” and now is quite tolerable. My one regret is that I didn’t contact you sooner. It isn’t overstating to say you’ve saved my sanity and her life."

Manina, East Launceston

" I found the class really great. I learnt a lot about why a puppy does something and how to deal with unwanted behaviour. Also, the reward system works great and I have found it to be an excellent way to train my puppy."


“My miniature poodle puppy was very frightened and anxious. I spoke with my vet who referred us to Dr. Katrina Ward. I was able to speak to Katrina and voice my concerns and she made a time to visit us in our home environment. From this first contact I felt so confident with Katrina and her ability to see Maisie's problems. Katrina gave me the skills, knowledge and a plan to help manage Maisie's insecurities as well as a folder with many hints and tips. I was able to keep in touch with Katrina by phone and email over the next few months until I felt Maisie had become more settled. I now have a very happy, relaxed and friendly little dog. My sincere thanks go to Katrina for her professionalism, care, compassion and understanding.”

Ruth Austin, New Town


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