Training Puppies (and their owners)

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful, exciting investment and no doubt you want to begin your new relationship with confidence. Puppy classes will give you the advice necessary to enable your puppy to grow into a faithful, loving companion and a happy and healthy adult.

Puppy classes provide the perfect opportunity to socialise your pup, learn how to train your pup using the latest scientifically proven training methods and gain vital information on health care. Over the 4 week course you and your puppy will not only make new friends, but you will learn: -

  • How to become a great leader for your puppy
  • How puppies learn and how to teach your puppy to respond to requests such as sit, drop and come when called
  • How to manage puppy issues such as toilet training, biting and chewing
  • What socialisation is all about and why it is so vital to your puppy’s mental development  to enable him to become a happy, confident adult
  • How to keep your puppy in prime health with advice on nutrition, parasite control, desexing, microchipping, dental care, pet insurance and first aid                 
  • how to handle your puppy correctly for procedures such as nail clipping and grooming
  • how to keep your puppy entertained with the latest interactive toys and games for dogs
  • where to find further training opportunities

Enrolment is essential.

Phone 03 6229 7939 to contact the Channel Highway Animal Hospital for further details.